Dancing with stones: Critical creativity as methodology for human flourishing


February 2017

We have  just heard that our article, ‘Dancing with Stones’ was chosen by the Collaborative Action Research Network to be included in a FREE Virtual Special Issue of Educational Action Research on creative expression in action research. We are really pleased, particularly with the reasons given for including it.

The Virtual Issue is for use by students, practitioners and academics interested in Action Research. It brings together a collection of previously published articles published in the Journal which clusters around a particular theme. The articles are indicative of the conversations that action researchers have developed around the theme in EARJ since its inception. Selected papers explore our practice in ways that transcend the constraints of formal language and explore tacit dimensions of our experience, ethics and values that are enabled through the rich variety of ‘methods’ offered here – theatre, dance, narrative story-telling, art installations and poetry.

The articles and Editorial can be found at this link: http://bit.ly/REAC-VSI-2016 and there is a hyperlink to the Virtual Issue produced last year exploring Methodological Issues in Action Research.

2 thoughts on “Dancing with stones: Critical creativity as methodology for human flourishing

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