Celina Carter on Transitions, Reflexivity and Research

This short, modern dance film by Celina Carter (click on link below) is “an expression of arts-based knowledge translation of personal insights and findings from the literature”. Celina showed this film at the recent International Practice Development Collaborative, Enhancing Practice Conference 2014, in Toronto.  We were impressed by her form of expression; a form that resonates with the sharing of knowledge, learning, insights and understanding within a critical creativity worldview.

About her film, Celina says:

“Reflexive thinking during my role transition from registered nurse to advanced practice nurse researcher illuminated my emotional journey and the external contextual factors influencing my role transition. From combing the results from a cursory search of the literature and my personal experience and reflection, I was able to conceptualize the five stages of role transitions; pre-transition, exploring the new role, joining the new culture, acquiring new skills, and adaptation. This modern dance communicates the embodied emotion of each transition stage which are applicable within various external contexts.”


Have a look and please give us your responses at the bottom of this post!

One thought on “Celina Carter on Transitions, Reflexivity and Research

  1. I had the pleasure of meeting Celina at the practice development conference in Toronto. I think this video is a fantastic example of capturing the stages of transitions. It is so clever and creative and makes room for individuals to put their own interpretation on it. More of this please!


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