Professor Brendan McCormack D.Phil (Oxon.), BSc (Hons.), FRCN, FEANS, PGCEA, RMN, RGN

Head of the Division of Nursing, Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh

Professor II, Buskerud University College, Drammen, Norway; Extraordinary Professor, Department of Nursing, University of Pretoria, South Africa; Visiting Professor, School of Medicine & Dentistry, University of Aberdeen.

Professor Brendan McCormack (low res)

Brendan’s internationally recognised work in person-centred practice development and research has resulted in successful long-term collaborations in Ireland, the UK, Norway, The Netherlands, Canada, Australia and South Africa.  His writing and research work focuses on person-centered practice, gerontological nursing, and practice development and he serves on a number of editorial boards, policy committees, and development groups in these areas.  He has a particular focus on the use of arts and creativity in healthcare research and development.  Brendan has more than 600 published outputs, including 160 peer-reviewed publications and 8 books.  He is the Editor of the “International Journal of Older People Nursing”.  Brendan is a Fellow of The European Academy of Nursing Science. In 2014 he was made a Fellow of the Royal College of Nursing, awarded the ‘International Nurse Researcher Hall of Fame’ by Sigma Theta Tau International and listed in the Thomson Reuters 3000 most influential researchers globally.


Professor Angie Titchen D.Phil (Oxon.), MSc, MCSP

Independent Practice Development and Research Consultant; Visiting Professor, University of Ulster, Northern Ireland; Adjunct Professor, Charles Sturt University, Australia

Angie 11/11/11

“Titchen’s research engages with critical questions of authenticity and the possibilites for research as a transformative, egalitarian and essentially critical praxis. Her engagement with forms of creative expression as modes of research puts her at the forefront of a vibrant and emerging field of research being led by people like Norman Denzin, Yvonna Lincoln, Michael Giardina, Carolyn Ellis and Chris Po.” (Dr David Nichols, 2012 – Head of Physiotherapy, AUT University, Auckland)

Independent Practice Development & Research Consultant, Visiting Professor at the University of Ulster, Northern Ireland and Adjunct Professor at Charles Sturt University, Sydney, Australia, Angie Titchen, received the British Educational Research Association Award for the best PhD thesis awarded by a British University in 1999. In this research, she created a conceptual framework for critical companionship, a transformational facilitation approach that she has continued testing and developing throughout her career. With 24 years working at the cutting edge of phenomenological and action-oriented research and practice development, she has brought this experience to the design, implementation and evaluation of facilitation development programmes for healthcare teams wishing to deliver person-centred, evidence-informed practice. This work includes helping practitioners to become practitioner-researchers studying their own practice. Being passionate about bringing criticality and creativity together in research and practice development, she has developed, with Brendan McCormack and others, the philosophical, theoretical and methodological underpinnings for a new world view (critical creativity) in which human flourishing for all is the ultimate outcome. Angie is listed in the Thomson Reuters 3000 most influential researchers globally.

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